Sand Creek Elementary School

North Vernon, Indiana

  • FIRM

    VPS Architecture


    Jennings County School Corporation

  • AREA

    88,000 sq.ft.





As the refurbished bell at the entrance rings, Jennings County elementary students have the opportunity to enter into a new facility. The new Sand Creek Elementary School gives its students and faculty 88,000 square feet of brightly lighted spaces and comfortable learning environments.

Classrooms are arranged in pods of six to seven classrooms sharing ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY650COST PER SQ FT$103.79FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio workspaces. Each pod has communal spaces where larger groups can gather for special instruction or smaller groups can convene for more intimate learning. Each pod has a distinctive color with which students can identify; the color also provides each pod with individual character.

The central core of common spaces allows the facility to take full advantage of the inherent benefits of having a vaulted central spine. Daylighting is brought into these spaces by adding clerestory windows to the already raised central roof. The media center, art room and a special-projects room are voluminous and bright spaces. The separation of the common spaces allows for after-hours use without compromising security.