Mt. View Elementary School

Antioch, Tennessee

  • FIRM

    Thomas, Miller & Partners


    Metro Nashville Public Schools

  • AREA

    86,000 sq.ft.





The site of the Mt. View Elementary School project was both an asset and a challenge. With subsurface rock and sloping terrain, the site strongly influenced the building form. The architect developed a linear floor plan with one level of kindergarten classrooms on the west wing and two levels of upper-grade classrooms on the east wing.

Situated on a heavily ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY800COST PER SQ FT$74.00FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio four-lane road, the school has separate entry drives for bus and parent dropoff that provide adequate queuing without confusion. A secured vestibule and check-in point helps control pedestrian access.

The interior corridor includes an offset at the main lobby that visually separates the kindergarten wing from the upper grades. Straight corridors and “open” restrooms with handwashing areas in alcoves improve visual control.

Special-use areas include a media center, gymnasium, cafeteria/auditorium, computer lab, and separate art and music classrooms. These spaces are grouped in a central area for secured after-hours access and convenience to each classroom.

Each classroom is equipped with a television and computer connections for shared workstations.