Holly Hall Elementary School

Elkton, Maryland

  • FIRM



    Cecil County Public Schools

  • AREA

    60,667 sq.ft.





About 50 years has passed since this school was built. The renovation and addition not only provided improved working conditions for students, staff and community, but also enhanced school climate and the potential for student learning.

The building clearly showed its age; “temporary” classrooms were necessary to meet enrollment requirements; and the building lacked ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY592COST PER SQ FT$102.13FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio and appropriate space for educational programs. Adding 22,424 square feet to the building’s existing 33,718 square feet accommodated the anticipated enrollment. The additional square footage also provided ample space for improvement of instructional areas. Programs that had been severely affected by facility inadequacies now are able to meet educational standards.

Another addition to this school is the geothermal heating and cooling system. The system uses a total of 108 borings that, when joined together, act like a heat exchanger in the ground. There is no need for fossil fuel to heat or cool the building. This system taps the earth’s subsurface energy to preheat and precool fluids that supply the building’s heating and air-conditioning system.