Covenant Christian High School

Indianapolis, Indiana

  • FIRM

    Schmidt Associates


    New Covenant Foundation

  • AREA

    70,000 sq.ft.





Covenant Christian High School held its first class in the basement of a church in the fall of 1995. Donations of land from Chapel Rock Christian Church and financial gifts from the community allowed the architects to begin designing the new state-of-the-art facility in the spring of 1996. Originally scheduled for completion in 15 months, students and staff were able to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY400COST PER SQ FT$95.71FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio classes in the new school within a year.

The bond between Covenant and neighboring Chapel Rock Christian Church was exemplified by designing the two buildings to be on axis with one another. The main entrance serves as the gateway to the commons area, a space that embodies the spirit of the school. Students begin the school day in this area with morning devotion and fellowship. Later, they return to this area for lunch and study time during which they can plug into the computer network with laptops.

The roof over the sunken commons area is raised, allowing natural light to penetrate through the clerestory windows that encompass the space. The surrounding oak finish accents the stained glass window of the chapel, which is visible from the main entry.

The gymnasium, directly accessible from the commons, features foldout bleacher seating and a smaller aerobics gymnasium specifically for non-competition activities. During athletic events, the commons space serves as the concessions area, and extraneous hallways are partitioned to restrict traffic throughout the entire school.

Immediately adjacent to the administrative offices, the media center functions as the technology hub of the school. Student workshops are equipped with desktop and laptop computer connections, providing the students access to online resources and CD-ROM services. This area also houses the media-retrieval system through which all classrooms can access a variety of data sources.

Student classrooms are located among the two main corridors that branch from the commons area. The art room attests to the school’s emphasis on expression through the arts; it contains pottery wheels, easel and exceptional graphic design capabilities. A door leading to an outdoor amphitheater allows students to participate in nontraditional learning exercises.

Photographer: ©Chilluffo Photography