Franklin Elementary School

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • FIRM

    NJRA Architects


    Salt Lake City School District

  • AREA

    74,000 sq.ft.





The new two-story Franklin Elementary is a safe, creative environment that facilitates teaching and learning. The school is organized to provide community spaces and security for after-school hours and weekends.

The school is next to the Jordan River and, due to the existing soil on the school site, a compaction- replacement system was required to mitigate lateral ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$101.00FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio and liquefaction potential. Maintenance costs were evaluated when choosing the materials and mechanical systems that keep the building more energy-efficient and economical. Other design-oriented considerations brought about a central courtyard that maximizes natural light in the interior area of the school. The courtyard also is used as a private classroom, containing both a sundial and a footprint of the solar system for interactive education.

By working together with the Salt Lake City School District and the community, the architect was able to design a school that will have a lasting contemporary feel for the life of the facility.