Pole Green Elementary School

Hanover County, Virginia

  • FIRM

    Moseley Architects


    Hanover County Public Schools

  • AREA

    89,568 sq.ft.





The design of this new 900-student elementary school is the product of a consensus-driven design process led by a committee of principals, teachers, parents and administrators.

To keep the size and scale of the school from seeming too large for its younger students, the facility features an academic wing that wraps around a courtyard and is headed by the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY900COST PER SQ FT$112.00FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio center. The media center, administration, gymnasium, cafeteria and kitchen are grouped for after-hours public use. In addition, the gymnasium and cafeteria are separated by an operable partition that can be opened to allow for a large assembly space.

A curved accent-color brick wall separates the public-access wing and the academic wing. The wall is symmetrical and is interrupted at its center by the building’s round lobby space. From the lobby one can enter the media center that is at the head of the academic wing and at the top of the building’s courtyard.

Each of the legs of the academic wing has its own color scheme and mechanical room with an interior air-conditioning unit and a louvered clerestory above the hallway. Motion detectors control the lighting for each classroom.