Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School, Additions and Alterations

Goshen, New York

  • FIRM

    KG+D Architects, PC


    Goshen Central School District

  • AREA

    28,000 sq.ft.





The alterations for Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School consist of two separate building additions. A new library and computer room is on the south side of the main connecting corridor opposite the existing kitchen. The area of the existing library was incorporated into the cafeteria/multipurpose room. Four new kindergarten rooms were built and extend the two existing ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY551COST PER SQ FT$192.00FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio of the school. Additional classrooms were constructed to two parallel wings of the school. A new gym was built on the northeast corner of the school between the play areas and the existing playroom.

The school is on a 38-acre site. It includes 27 general classrooms, one art room, one music room and one special-education classroom.

The renovation of the existing building consisted of rehabilitating the existing library and converting it to a cafeteria; converting the existing speech therapy/resource classroom to a computer room; and renovating student restrooms.