Ethel Winternheimer-Staton Elementary School

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • FIRM

    JMA Architecture Studios


    Clark County School District

  • AREA

    62,500 sq.ft.





This school’s classroom pods are designed with a community concept of learning that provides the flexibility to combine grades 1 to 5. Each community is centered on a large, daylighted group-learning area. The building contains four classroom pod communities, each with seven or eight classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with fiber-optic wiring, as well as a minimum of ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY660COST PER SQ FT$94.40FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio data outlets.

The library is in the center of the building, easily accessible from the main entrance and the classroom pods. North-facing windows provide daylighting and views to the central, covered learning courtyard. The multipurpose room serves dual functions: a cafeteria and an auditorium. It is near the main entrance, which allows for community activities without disrupting the remaining campus.

The scale and architectural detailing are intended to present a lively and playful image. Structural columns have been decorated to resemble children at play; fenestration is designed to reduce the scale of the building; building forms are varied to add visual interest. Colors were chosen from a vibrant desert palette.

Child-oriented graphics were integrated into the project’s courtyard floor, building entry plaza and outdoor play areas.