Craig-Houghton Elementary School

Augusta, Georgia

This school occupies a small existing site. It required a unique design—a minimum footprint with maximum usage of the site for playgrounds and circulation. A two-story elementary school conceived as a community center was developed to replace the Peter H. Craig and Houghton elementary schools in downtown Augusta.

The 825-student population is made up of pre-K ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY825COST PER SQ FT$87.97FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio second grade on the first floor, and third grade through fifth grade on the second floor. Special education, along with speech, hearing and guidance, is on the first floor. Centrally located are the art, music and media rooms, which are grouped near the main entrance. Special media production and a studio are incorporated into the media center. A physical-education/dining area is located on one end and acts as a community center. Natural daylighting in this space, via clerestory windows, creates a bright and lively atmosphere.

The exterior incorporates details from the existing Houghton School, which is historically significant in its Mediterranean style, while the brick exterior and layout favor the design of Craig School, which occupied the original site.

The new elementary school also is the only school in this district that is fully fire-sprinklered. The HVAC systems are individual water-source heat pumps for each classroom with controls at each room.