University of Michigan, The Ingalls Mall and Diag Improvements

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Landscape Architecture category

The Ingalls Mall and Diag together create the most important space of visual image and social interaction at the University of Michigan. The renovation was part of a series of architectural and landscape improvement projects that took more than 15 years to realize.

The Mall was conceptualized in 1910 and evolved as a result of a ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2000 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYLandscape central campus master plan that aimed to preserve the historic significance of the campus. Because the urban campus had limited open space and was cut by city streets and parking, the design goal was to create a major space that would accommodate the volume of pedestrians in a strong, visually attractive manner with linkages to major designation points and high-image university facilities.

The Mall and Diag plan calls for an axial space defined by major buildings on the north and south and anchored by Rackham Hall Theater on the west and the Hatcher Library on the east.

The plant materials used are simple, combining large canopy trees with tall grasses in custom-designed planters and within planting beds. Other site furnishings such as lighting and benches are located to provide safety and security.

Note: Area = 30 acres