Columbus State Community College, College Mallway Renovation

Columbus, Ohio

  • FIRM

    DSI Architects


    Columbus State Community College

  • AREA

    25,500 sq.ft.



Landscape Architecture category

The Mallway at Columbus State Community College is a pedestrian mallway that links the academic buildings on campus. Each building has its own entrance design and different solutions for pathways between buildings.

In addition to unifying the overall design of the Mallway, goals included providing accessibility to all main ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2000 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYLandscape entrances and improving pedestrian circulation. The main gathering place is near the statue of Christopher Columbus. The college also wanted to provide places for sitting and studying, and to maintain views of the statue.

A bold, sweeping curve unifies the design and mirrors the form of one of the dominant buildings on campus, Nestor Hall. Narrow concrete walkways and grassy medians were replaced with brick pavers that allow pedestrian movement in multiple directions. Stairs that impeded accessibility to Franklin Hall were removed and replaced with a smooth transition to the building. Trees provide shade, while maintaining views of the statue from Franklin Hall.

Brick pavers form the curve of the arc. Red brick accents the seating areas. Pole lights and bollards line the arc and light the Mallway. A concrete seatwall was added for permanent seating. Benches, tables and other site furniture provide places to sit, eat and study.

A remnant of the city of Columbus’ history—a 15-foot-wide underground concrete road/railway foundation—limited the placement of objects in the Mallway. On the north side, for example, trees were placed in a line parallel to the building to avoid the underground foundation. Special footings were designed for the bollards that occur on the old foundation.

Photographer: ©Steve Elbert