Oak Valley Elementary School

Buellton, California

  • FIRM

    19six Architects


    Buellton Union School District

  • AREA

    25,450 sq.ft.





Oak Valley Elementary School is designed to provide ample classroom space to house lectures, hands-on activities, computer and video technologies, and small-group discussion for K-5 class levels. The rancho style of architecture celebrates the rustic and agricultural setting of the surrounding community. Also, the design creates a civic link with a scaled-down version ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$177.00CITATIONWork in Progress CitationFEATURED IN2000 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYWork in Progress a local monument, The Avenue of the Flags.

The media center will have 32 computer workstations. Each classroom in grades 1 to 5 will have four computer stations networked to the school’s system and provide television/video technology. Small-group instruction/support spaces will service special-education students, specialized reading instruction and any other specialized resource interaction.

Multipurpose and administration/library buildings at the entry corner of the site establish a visual link to the community and provide access for students and visitors. The two buildings anchor the modular classroom buildings that extend toward the play field. The semi-radial layout of the campus creates a central courtyard where students gather. The school’s office is centrally located for visual surveillance of visitors and the courtyard. Classrooms are close to the multipurpose building, library and administration building. Adjacent to the classrooms are the hard court and play field.

Note: Area: Phase I: 25,450 sq. ft.; Master plan: 59,947 sq. ft.; Total cost: Phase I: $4.5 million; Master plan: $11.6 million; Cost/square foot: Phase I: $177; Master plan: $194

"Wonderful building character, scale and feel...a design that fits in all aspects with the surroundings. Good interaction with environment."—2000 Architectural Portfolio jury

Photographer: ©Ernie Knapp/Fred Sweeney