Duncan U. Fletcher Middle School

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

This middle school is located on the site of an old high school that was attended by many members of the community. While the old building was a popular landmark, the community needed a new middle school with modern classrooms and support facilities.

The goal was to create a modern facility while preserving some vestige of the old building. This was achieved by ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMPowell and Hinkle Consulting EngineersCAPACITY1,100COST PER SQ FT$99.00FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio the front entry of the original school and making it the focal point of a courtyard. Surrounding the courtyard are the new classroom building, administration building, cafetorium building and media center. The courtyard is a gathering place for students, faculty and the local community. The partial facade of the building, known as the memorial wall, is used as a backdrop for schoolwide meetings and concerts.

The new buildings’ elevations used a limited palette in a fresh way to create a richness of detail that complements the original structure in form, color and proportion. The interiors are designed to create a pleasant atmosphere for learning in the future.

Photographer: ©Neil Rashba