St. Louis Community College at Meramec, Humanities East Addition

St. Louis, Missouri

  • FIRM

    Hoener Associates, Inc.


    St. Louis Community College

  • AREA

    31,350 sq.ft.





The primary need of this project was to construct an addition to the art facility that would serve as an extension to an expanding junior-college art program. The program was to include photography, printmaking, ceramics, welding, drawing, graphic communications and computer technology.

It was essential to maintain service, handicapped accessibility and an entrance ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$108.41FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio the heart of the campus.

The client’s program established criteria that began to shape project needs. The spaces requiring delivery access were on the lower level adjacent to the service road. Likewise, drawing studios requiring northern diffused light were oriented on the north elevation of the second floor, and computer classrooms requiring more controlled light levels were organized toward the inside of the campus.

The original 1966 campus was constructed of a poured-in-place concrete waffle slab. Reproducing this type of facility was not an economical solution. The new facility is a steel-frame structure with brick veneer and plaster detail to tie in with the existing campus buildings.

Photographer: ©David Ulmer