Desert Research Institute, Northern Nevada Science Center

Reno, Nevada

  • FIRM

    JMA Architecture Studios


    University and Community College Systems of Nevada

  • AREA

    68,566 sq.ft.





The Desert Research Institute’s Northern Nevada Science Center is a nonprofit division of the University and Community College Systems of Nevada. It conducts full-time environmental research. The 68,566-square-foot facility is designed to attract and retain world-class researchers.

Achieving an open atmosphere is accomplished using natural illumination and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$167.00FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio outside visibility. A U-shaped laboratory complex encircles a service yard for easy access to all laboratories. Specialized laboratories include an Atmospheric Science Center, Energy and Environmental Engineering Center, Western Region Climate Center, a “Class 100” cleanroom and -30ºC cold workroom for Arctic deep-boring analyses.

Separate standard analytical, chemistry, electronics, engineering and optics labs with typical functions such as vacuum, hoods, negative pressure, compressed air, natural gas and triple- deionized water complete the laboratory complex.

The interior space configuration was a critical planning decision designed to position faculty members close to their laboratories to encourage interaction of faculty, students and ideas.

Photographer: ©Peter Malinowski