Phoenix College, Fannin Library

Phoenix, Arizona

  • FIRM



    Maricopa Community College District

  • AREA

    66,000 sq.ft.





Fannin Library is a powerful addition to the Phoenix College campus. The integration of old and new structures, the accommodation of the program within the budget, and the creation of grand and intimate spaces reinforce the small-school atmosphere beloved by the students attending the college.

The original 1966 structure is clad in brick with a concrete frame ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$81.59FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio had been designed to blend in with the 1930s-era structures surrounding the library. It was natural, then, that red- brick masonry and cast-in-place concrete were the uncontested materials of choice.

Interior spaces are refined in detail with punctuations of red brick at the entrance and stairs. A two-story atrium connects the main level with the upstairs reading and stack areas, and is ringed with delicate aluminum trim and glass railings. The atrium is topped with a north-facing skylight.

The library addition fits perfectly with the mission of the college—to provide a quality educational atmosphere, elegant and comfortable, linking the past with a vision to the future.


Photographer: ©Mark Boisclair