California State University—Dominguez Hills, Extended Education Building

Carson, California

Extended education provides adult education within the California State University—Dominguez Hills campus. The facility provides a comprehensive program, supported by administrative offices, registration, a conferencing center for on- and off-campus groups, instructional classrooms and a teleconferencing lecture hall.

This new facility defines the edge of campus ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$146.00FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio the primary vehicular entry. It bridges the relationship of the educational community to the surrounding neighborhood with appropriate contextual scale. Each independent function is expressed in a complex of three buildings, organized around the intersection of one diagonal and one circular wall. The registration building reaches out toward campus and is strategically located as the primary point of entry. The classroom building is the heart of the facility.

The administration building is formally located at the corner of the site. Flexible space allows for long-term electronic and programmatic evolution. Environmentally responsive design techniques include natural and high-efficiency lighting, sunshading, energy-efficient air-distribution systems and easily maintained building materials.

This home for high-tech and experimental programs brings new vitality to an ever-growing need for continuing education.

Photographer: ©Milroy & McAleer