Michigan State University, Dow Institute for Materials Research

East Lansing, Michigan

  • FIRM

    Albert Kahn Associates


    Michigan State University

  • AREA

    80,000 sq.ft.





Flexibility and durability were key in designing this research center at Michigan State University. The architect considered the ability to adapt to future technological advances and changing needs of the university as critical to the project’s success.

This addition to the College of Engineering was an 80,000-square-foot, $12.2 million project. Unique exterior and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$152.50FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio design elements depict change, and range from the innovative use of exterior brick and limestone to the contrasting interior use of stainless steel and copper. Floors and lecture tables accommodate communications cables and provide laptop computer data ports for all students in the lecture rooms. As technology, teaching methods and room layouts change, this facility will keep pace with unpredictable future demands.

The new north entrance creates an entry point for numerous buildings that are connected within a two-block radius. Adjacent buildings were constructed on different levels and posed a challenge to the designers. The traditional, collegiate addition harmonizes with campus buildings, while setting the standard for future learning on the campus.

Photographer: ©Glen Calvin Moon