Triad High School

Troy, Illinois

  • FIRM

    Wm. B. Ittner, Inc.


    Triad Community Unit School District No. 2

  • AREA

    213,800 sq.ft.





The new Triad High School is the culmination of planning efforts of the board of education, administration, faculty, community and the architect. No department was shortchanged in the planning of the school.

The school was designed to be aesthetically pleasing, efficient and safe. The two large parking lots to the circle drive in the front are surrounded by the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$99.99FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio main sections of the school. The building is deceptively large and inviting.

There are 67 regular classrooms on two levels. Hallways are color-coded with green, blue and red academic wings. Accent tiles, trim and extra-wide colored lockers provide an open atmosphere.

The cafetorium, a large commons area used for lunch and stage performances, can serve 580 students. The room’s signature design with metal-truss ceiling creates an unusual barreled architecture from the outdoor student courtyard.

Security also was a priority in the school’s design. Every educational room is equipped with computers, Internet connections, video, telephone equipment, direct intercom to the office and video-surveillance equipment.

Along with security, the school is technologically advanced. The school is equipped with 14 computer labs and 231 workstations.

Note: Total cost is construction only.

Photographer: ©Alise O'Brien Photography