Walnut Hills Arts and Science Center

Cincinnati, Ohio

  • FIRM

    SHP Leading Design


    The Walnut Hills Alumni Foundation

  • AREA

    59,000 sq.ft.





The Arts and Science Center addition was designed to support the school’s classical curriculum while increasing hands-on learning and access to advanced technology.

To increase hands-on learning opportunities, laboratory space was increased in size and count. Unique courtyards positioned alongside classrooms allow students to use indoor and outdoor ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$135.59FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio environments. In the Center for Outdoor Learning, science classes study water samples from the four aquatic pools and simulate various ecosystems in “bio-beds.” The sculpture courtyard enables students to create and display large works of art.

Common teacher work areas promote interaction and cross-curricular planning. The student forum area supports large-group lectures and acts as a commons area. The technology infrastructure facilitates distance learning with several universities, as well as other high schools. The chemistry labs offer a data-gathering system, developed in conjunction with a local university. This portable equipment can be used in the outdoor lab.

The building was designed to respect the original architecture while being rooted in today’s construction methodologies, budgets and time-frames. A lightweight roof screen mimics existing roof forms, while adding little load to the roof structure, thus minimizing framing costs.

Note: Total cost does not include technology ($600,000)

Photographer: ©J. Miles Wolf