Allen High School Educational Park

Allen, Texas

  • FIRM

    STB Architects & Planners


    Allen Independent School District

  • AREA

    496,000 sq.ft.





The Allen Independent School District and the city of Allen cooperated in developing a centrally situated 300-acre site. The city developed 123 acres on the west side of the site with nine ballfields, children’s playgrounds and jogging trails. The master plan for the school’s 177-acre portion of the site consists of a high school that ultimately could ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$92.00FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio 4,200 students, with related facilities for tennis, indoor training, baseball/softball and a series of play fields.

The school design incorporates a house concept. One large 496,000-square-foot school is broken down into smaller, more intimate 28,500-square-foot schools. In Allen High School, each house is designed to accommodate 600 students. The individual houses consist of 12 classrooms, four science labs, an administration area that has its own principal, counselor, staff lounge, teachers’ work areas, conference room and reception area, and a large-group instructional area large enough to hold 100 students. The large-group instructional area can function as a distance-learning lab.

Technology is an integral part of the design. Each classroom has 36 computer ports. There also are computer data and power ports along the main corridor, dining area and student commons. There are approximately 6,000 computer data and power ports throughout the entire building.

An integrated media system (IMS) consists of VHS, DVD,CD-ROM, satellite access, Internet access and a digitally stored information-access system. It allows teachers to schedule an audiovisual teaching aid through the librarian and have the ability to access information on-demand in their classrooms. All classrooms are equipped with 32-inch color TVs. The teacher has the ability to control all aspects of the program in the classroom. The presentation is on the schoolwide IMS, so other teachers may view the presentation at the same time or at a different time. The IMS allows live or taped video announcements or presentations to be made throughout school from the classroom, broadcast studio or the administrative areas.

The IMS is linked to the school’s main computer file servers, which provide storage space for each individual student. Students working on research papers or multimedia presentations for classes can access their own data from any computer in the school, or by laptop computers from multiple locations throughout the school.

A popular feature of the new high school is the food court. The serving area offers seven different stations: a salad bar, grill, Tex-Mex, home cooking, Mama’s Chicken, Pizza Hut and Subway. A snack bar adjacent to the cafeteria and pastry shop, which is supplied and operated by students enrolled in the culinary-arts department, has become a popular location for students and school staff.

One of Allen High School’s most unusual features is the addition of a 10,000-square-foot facility housing a branch of Collin County Community College District. The campus, or ccccd@allen as it is known, pro