Liberty High School

Youngstown, Ohio

This new high school replaces the existing high school built in 1922. The site is on property adjacent to an existing elementary school, middle school and football stadium. The plan had to be compact to conserve land for additional athletic-field development. The building was situated parallel to the stadium with the main entry facing southwest, forming a quad on the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$89.00FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio with the existing building.

The plan joins a two-story academic wing with a one-story section containing physical education, fine arts and building services. A large, skylighted main lobby separates the two sections and serves as a common overflow area for the gymnasium, cafeteria and auditorium. The academic wing can be secured to allow the public to access only athletic areas, the auditorium, cafeteria, fitness center, community room, computer or media center. A 400-seat, theater-style auditorium expands to 800 seats via a motorized reverse-fold seating platform that extends into the cafeteria. The academic space is divided into flexible suites of six classrooms with a core faculty area in each, where five teachers are assigned.

Modest materials, such as anodized aluminum panels and windows, brick and various sizes and textures of masonry block, are integrated to form strong, horizontal imagery. Low, curved roofs identify the location of the various classroom suites.


Photographer: ©Sarah Strouss