West Stokes High School

King, North Carolina

West Stokes High School is designed for 1,000 students in grades 9 to 12. The new campus shares a 137-acre site with two existing schools, Chestnut Grove Middle and Mount Olive Elementary.

Site amenities include a football stadium and play fields for baseball, softball and soccer. The site organization and building structures take advantage of the county’s ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$92.52FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio terrain. The school is both a one- and two-story structure, stepping with the natural grade. A courtyard of nearly one acre lies within the heart of the campus and incorporates a grassed lawn amphitheater.

The main building encompasses the outdoor courtyard and is divided into four distinct areas: the administrative/guidance wing, the media center/technology wing, the cafeteria/physical-education/music wing, and the academic wing. The internal organization of spaces allows for the building to be flexible to accommodate changes in the instructional program. Through the use of massing, texture and material changes, the building’s exterior effectively accentuates the use within. The overall campus is planned for future growth.

Note: Area, Total cost and Cost/square foot figures include site/site amenities costs.

Photographers: ©Marc Lamkin Photography