Bayshore High School

Bradenton, Florida

As a replacement for the adjacent high school (a converted middle school), the new school called for about 270,000 square feet and 1,935 student stations to be placed between the existing high school and the Manatee Technical Institute. Upon completion of the new high school, the present facility reverted back to a middle school. All three facilities share the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$112.00FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio 80-acre parcel. The school to be replaced was dark and dingy— an all-interior school with no “outside involvement.” The opposite result was desired for the new school.

The new Bayshore High School was designed with complete user-group support through a series of charrette sessions. These workshops refined ideas and produced a design that reflected user needs, including natural light, enclosed surroundings for security, a community feeling and the enjoyment of Florida’s climate.

The result is a multi-courtyard concept with exterior walkways and natural light for every classroom. The program includes 75 classrooms with an “academies” wing of laboratories on the south side, adjacent to the Manatee Technical Institute for evening shared use. A simple but recognizable front entry was deemed highly desirable, including a view into the main courtyard from the street. Because of the limited site, storm water was piped 1,200 feet across the street to a 15-acre retention pond.

Photographer: ©Red Kite Studios