Southridge High School

Beaverton, Oregon

  • FIRM

    DOWA - IBI Group


    Beaverton School District

  • AREA

    256,000 sq.ft.





Southridge High School is organized like a small town with a Main Street and neighborhoods. A community-based design process involved more than 600 community members, staff and students.

The learning areas are divided into four neighborhoods of 450 students. Each neighborhood has been designed to accommodate flexible teaching groupings and features decentralized ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$126.95FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio support and offices, as well as space for administration and counselors. Each neighborhood contains an integrated mix of subjects, a volunteer center, student-activity area and production area.

The Main Street, or student commons, is designed to highlight the activities and vitality of the school through the use of bold colors, banners and views to the neighborhood.

Other features: Main Street with food kiosks, cafe and shops; two-story domed student center with natural light; exterior courtyard; four academic neighborhoods with porch entry, administrative counselor services, joint teacher offices, flexible classrooms and common usage space; county public library branch; full-fly stage and auditorium for community and school use; drama/chorus/band and media/TV/radio-production facilities; gymnasium with workout rooms and shared spaces with Tualatin Hills Aquatic & Recreation Center.

Photographer: ©Uwe Schneider