North Penn High School

Lansdale, Pennsylvania

The North Penn High School expansion project presents a new face to the community of Lansdale. The addition was built in front of the existing school, providing a fresh welcome identity for the revitalized high school.

The addition consists of three floors, allowing space for 23 new classrooms, six science labs, two computer labs, planning and student project rooms, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$149.41FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio administrative facilities, a health suite and an audion, a mini-auditorium. The new building accommodates 700 students, in line with projected growth of the North Penn School District. Additional cafeteria seating for 240 students is included in the project.

An enclosed glazed corridor on the ground level and an enclosed glazed bridge on the second floor provide links between the expansion project and existing building. The audion and administration suite on the ground floor are adjacent to the main entrance corridor, facilitating access from the existing building and the community.

Architectural details of the main entrance, the scale of the stair tower and dramatic lighting establish a landmark for the school that is readily visible nearly a quarter-mile from the campus.

Photographer: ©Steve Wolfe