Eaglecrest Elementary School

Lehi, Utah

  • FIRM

    Sandstrom Architecture


    Alpine School District

  • AREA

    73,210 sq.ft.





Eaglecrest Elementary School is a five-unit-per-grade school. The original program called for four classrooms per grade. However, due to a large population growth, the school was re-designed for five classrooms per grade.

This plan is very functional. The administration pod is located at a central location, giving easy access to all areas of the school. Shared and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY825COST PER SQ FT$75.60FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio facilities including the media center, computer labs, study rooms and kiva are all part of the central core.

The cafeteria, kitchen and gymnasium are located at one end of the building, and separated by a cross corridor, isolating noisy activities from quiet educational areas.

Classrooms are designed with two separate teacher’s locations, allowing each teacher to customize the classroom.

The use of technology is important to the district. The building’s computer systems are tied together through a central server.

Daylighting is another important feature of the school. The main entrance is highlighted by a 16-sided geodome. Natural daylighting is carried into the corridors and media center through the use of translucent roofing panels. Every classroom has large amounts of glazing to maximize daylighting.