Dover Middle School

Dover, New Hampshire

  • FIRM

    Team Design


    Dover School District

  • AREA

    167,000 sq.ft.





The design of Dover Middle School emerges from two parts: the educational program, based on neighborhoods, and site constraints.

Classroom neighborhoods consist of one grade per wing on a floor and consist of a staff planning/meeting area, as well as self-contained support areas for lockers, toilets, data closets and custodial support rooms. The layout is designed to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$94.61FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio teaching teams with common planning time and a team-driven schedule. The wings are separated by student services on the first floor and the media center on the second floor.

The multifaceted building scales itself to the younger user. These facets are in part a product of the numerous site issues encountered. The building sits half on clay and half on ledge; thus, construction techniques followed with steel structures utilized on clay to minimize loads and load-bearing masonry adapted for ledge.

Community use of the facility is encouraged. The design allows for use of the gymnasium, cafeteria/kitchen and large-group room without needing to access the entire school.

Photographer: ©Dave McCartney