Fred Fifer III Middle School

Camden, Delaware

  • FIRM

    Ray Group


    Caesar Rodney School District

  • AREA

    88,500 sq.ft.





This school is constructed on the campus of the former middle school, which remained operational during the building project.

The interior plan is axially symmetrical about the central courtyard and gymnasium block. Dual two-story classroom wings characterize the academic portion of the building. Grade levels are split into two equal team areas with all core ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$109.00FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio taught within. Students leave their teams to participate in exploratory studies and seek other student services. Clerestory windows surrounding the gymnasium provide light into circulation paths to animate the corridor paths. The cafeteria functions as an interior lobby/food court by opening directly into the corridor network. An exterior performance terrace at the end of the classroom wings is used for student shows.

The original design included pitched roof forms on more than 75 percent of the facility. Revisions during bidding changed this roof design to retain only the single, monolithic roof form over the gymnasium in its present form. The brick veneer matches the colors of the adjacent historic district, and adds accent color in the form of stylized corner quoins and anthemion roundels reminiscent of the original school.


Photographer: ©Terry Corbett Photography