Fox Lane Middle School

Bedford, New York

  • FIRM

    Peter Gisolfi Associates


    Board of Education, Bedord Central School District

  • AREA

    20,000 sq.ft.





The intent of the original design of Fox Lane Middle School was to form a central courtyard. But site constraints dictated that the buildings be “pulled apart” and built on different levels. The space formed by the juxtaposition of these buildings never became a true courtyard.

The school is divided into houses, each of which has students in grades 6 to 8. The ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$250.00FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio design preserves this multiage arrangement, but modifies it to create more common spaces. The culture of the school is changed from one of insularity to one of greater communication and expanded opportunities.

The new plan features:

A 12,000-square-foot building with library and cafeteria; enclosed walkways with interior glass walls that provide visual connections across campus; wiring for a building-wide computer network; vertical and horizontal circulation via walkways, elevators and ramps; a central courtyard for academic/social activities.

Note: Area= 20,000 sq. ft. (new); 60,000 sq. ft. (renovated); Total cost= $9.1 million (total); $1.1 million, sitework; Cost/square foot: $250 sq. ft. (new); $50 sq. ft. (renovated)

Photographer: ©Mick Hales