Cloverdale Middle School

Cloverdale, Indiana

This two-story facility for grades 5 to 8 has an optimum enrollment of 600 students. Program requirements, cost-effectiveness, aesthetics and durability are key elements of the design. Special consideration also was given to the interface of the new school with an adjacent, existing, one-story elementary. Orientation, scale and building materials were chosen to create a ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$107.00FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio campus appeal.

The building is organized into two themed areas: instruction and activity. With its own easily identifiable entrance, the instructional area is west of the main entry and adjacent to parking areas and the school bus dropoff.

The media center, an important educational curriculum element, is at the core of the instructional area, which is divided into two academic wings to accommodate team-teaching. The activity area, situated to the east between the main entry and existing elementary school, includes the administration, gymnasium, art, industrial technology, music, and the cafeteria and kitchen, which were located to serve both schools. Each activity area is located to facilitate flexible scheduling, and after-school and community activities.

Photographer: ©Dan Francis/Mardan Photography