Plymouth South Middle School

Plymouth, Massachusetts

The new Plymouth South Middle School in Plymouth’s south end provides a nurturing environment for 1,000 sixth- to eighth-grade students. The scale of the facility was created through three vertically organized houses, effectively establishing the school-within-a-school, or house concept. Each of the three houses shares teaching, guidance and classroom spaces, as well as ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$148.50FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio headmaster office and other support areas.

The facility is made up of a three-story academic wing and single-story structure housing all core facilities. This efficient layout allows all students to reach the gymnasium, cafetorium and library/media center by traveling no more than one floor.

The facility’s support spaces are organized around a Main Street, which leads from the main entrance to the academic wing. Along this main corridor are administration, nurse and special-education offices, the library/media center, a multipurpose lecture hall, as well as public entrances for the cafetorium and gymnasium. Natural light, provided by a skylight, floods this open space and accentuates the facility’s warm colors.

Photographer: ©Robert Benson