Arroyo Vista Elementary School

Chula Vista, California

  • FIRM

    Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke


    Chula Vista Elementary School District

  • AREA

    49,248 sq.ft.





A decade ago, the Chula Vista Elementary School District foresaw an explosive enrollment increase, and initiated an ongoing building program with a prototype design adapted to each unique site.

The advantages included: Savings in administration and design costs; a uniform educational program for all schools.

The educational program addressed: A school plan that ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$153.28FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio adapt easily to different sites; emphasis on educational technology with provisions for the future; cluster classrooms with provisions for year-round education, team-teaching and education storage; a student library/media center with convenient access for the community; outdoor areas for student play; interconnected covered walkways between building pods; faculty, parents, community and service-vehicle parking and access with separate student-entry walks.

This prototype school added a fifth classroom pod, increasing the school’s capacity by 125 students. The multipurpose room roof-ceiling was elevated approximately eight feet to accommodate motor-operated basketball backboards.

The building’s exterior is stucco with concrete columns and a prefinished metal roof system. A clock tower accents the adjacent interior courtyard and provides a sense of “mental geography” for students.

Photographer: ©Wayne Thom Photographer