Lincoln Middle School

Indianapolis, Indiana

  • FIRM

    Fanning Howey


    Metropolitan School District of Pike Township

  • AREA

    187,922 sq.ft.





Metropolitan School District of Pike Township requested that a performance space be included in the new Lincoln Middle School, while avoiding the cost of an auditorium. This challenge was resolved by incorporating the performance space within the cafeteria. The stage was the only element that increased the square footage from the original cafeteria design. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY900COST PER SQ FT$99.77FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio1998 Educational Interiors auditeria, designed for multiple uses, was an economical solution.

The auditeria is located in the public-use area of the building. Accommodating 300 seats for cafeteria-style seating and 600 seats for performances, this space allows for flexibility. The space is used for many events, including lunch programs, performances, movies, large-group instruction, as well as daily cafeteria functions. Community members use the space during and after school hours for various functions, including school-board meetings.

The floor of the auditeria space steps down in six-inch increments to improve sightlines. Ramps have been provided to accommodate cafeteria table setup, as well as to meet ADA requirements. The acoustical design includes the use of masonry surfaces and acoustical reflectors to project the sound to the back wall, where acoustically absorbing materials are located. Carpet has been used to enhance the acoustical properties of the space.

Photographer: ©Emery Photography