Trumbauersville Elementary School

Quakertown, Pennsylvania

The program for Trumbauersville Elementary School called for a modern learning facility to house 650 elementary school students in an environment fostering a collaborative curriculum model. The building had to have a larger role, providing facilities and symbolic meaning to the district’s community. The design process emphasized a cooperative working method, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$145.30FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio2000 Educational Interiors officials, teachers, community members and service personnel worked with the architect to plan a facility that met their exacting requirements.

The result of this process is a community-oriented facility that emphasizes learning and collaborative effort. Removable walls between classrooms allow classes to work together. Classrooms are grouped around four reconfigurable team areas that can be used for group activities or presentations. The pods are arranged around the library, the heart of the building and the place where all interior and exterior paths converge.

The building systems also support the team approach to education. Computer, cable/video and telephone networks are configured to support independent and group-oriented educational efforts. Even the mechanical system of the building collaborates with the surrounding environment through an efficient ground-source heat pump. True to its nature, this building will have an important community role for years to come.

Photographer: ©Mark Samu