Bower Hill Elementary School

Venetia, Pennsylvania

Overcrowding prompted this district to realign its configuration of elementary and middle school grades. Construction of this K-3 facility relieved the existing middle school by moving the sixth grade to a former elementary building. This created a central intermediate facility for grades 4 to 6. With the completion of this new K-3 facility, the district positioned ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$132.00FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio for future growth with a K-3 facility at both ends of the district.

The design incorporated educational needs with architectural features to achieve a stimulating environment scaled for the younger student that will fit into the surrounding residential neighborhood.

The solution was two 2-story classroom wings angled from a main activity central core. Wings feature a residential-style, pitched, shingled roof and porch-like facade, which serve to invite youngsters in. The center core houses a multipurpose room on the first floor, easily converted from gym to cafeteria to auditorium. The media center on the second floor features vaulted ceilings and circle-top windows.

Building elements include: Handicapped accessibility; technology that allows instructional spaces to access each other, as well as central audiovisual files and computer data systems; energy-efficient systems—HVAC, sound, emergency and lighting power.

The design provides an impressive and appealing learning environment for students, staff and community use.

Photographer: ©John Allen