Allen County Primary Center

Scottsville, Kentucky

How do you manage the scale of a 127,000-square-foot building to accommodate 1,000 to 1,200 primary school students? Part of the district’s long-range plan is to centralize schools onto one campus and consolidate primary students in one facility.

The design team responded by breaking down the program elements into small bites, for small users.

-All student entry ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$82.68FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio into the mostly two-story building are developed with small-scale roof lines and low curving canopies to meet the scale of small children.

-Main Street is curved, with wide intersections at home streets and special areas such as the gym and media center. Main Street is 350 feet long, but the maximum view from any point is only 100 feet.

-Self-contained, five-classroom groups of 120 students, with their own cubbies and restrooms areas, are set along their own “home street.”

-Access to special/shared classrooms such as art, music, computer or media center at the perimeter of classroom pods is from the Main Street.

-Media center was split on two levels to modify scale and provide easy access. Stairs become a special place.