Independence Elementary School

Clarkston, Michigan

  • FIRM

    French Associates


    Clarkston Community Schools

  • AREA

    69,000 sq.ft.





Independence is an elementary school that is situated on 24 acres. This concept in school planning is designed specifically to meet the instructional needs of the school district. The radial design features six classroom pods and a gymnasium/cafeteria wing radiating from a central, shared curriculum core. The core has designated areas for music, art, science, computers, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$101.92FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio2001 Educational Interiors education and a media center. A distinctive color palette identifies each of the grade-level pods, housing a cluster of four classrooms and two special-education classrooms.

The media center is the heart of the building and is accessible from all sides. This center accommodates two full classrooms in areas defined as seating areas, raised story area, book-stack areas and direct access to the computer lab. The proliferation of natural light from the upper-level clerestory windows and playful pastel colors make this an inviting place for multiple activities.

The two-story colonnaded entrance portico provides an identifiable entry element reminiscent of the Greek Revival architecture found nearby. Administrative offices are adjacent to the main entrance for accessibility and safety.

Photographer: ©Hedrich-Blessing Photography