General MacArthur Elementary School

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

  • FIRM

    Ciaccio Dennell Group


    Fort Leavenworth Unified School District No. 207

  • AREA

    68,671 sq.ft.





A stroll in the park or down a boulevard inspired the design of the network of corridors at General MacArthur Elementary School.

Additions that had been tacked onto this original 1960s structure created a circulation nightmare. Corridors continued 400 square feet only to be backtracked. The new design replaced 33,365 square feet of building and remodeled the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMFarris EngineeringCOST PER SQ FT$80.22FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio 35,306 square feet. The result created a network of corridor rings that connect classroom neighborhoods (K-2, 3-4 and 5-6) with special spaces.

New structures wrap the existing structures to create a new unified exterior. Skylighted corridors and windows bring natural light to the interior classrooms and special spaces. The commons at each end of the corridor loops create open areas that resemble parks along a boulevard.

The landscaping further unifies and integrates the facility, and offers opportunities for an outdoor classroom. The gem of the facility and the curriculum is the 21st-century classroom, which bridges traditional instruction with high-tech methodology. The low-tech of the traditional interiors integrates with the high-tech of activity to strengthen the bridge from today to tomorrow.

Photographer: ©Schrader Marcus & Associates