North Posey Junior High

Poseyville, Indiana

  • FIRM

    VPS Architecture


    M.S.D. of North Posey County

  • AREA

    26,682 sq.ft.





North Posey Junior High establishes itself from the high school, which shares the same facility, with a sophisticated entrance design. A simple canopy guides sitelines as it sits upon the signange and provides shelter for students awaiting buses. Design motifs were designed to carry the school’s identity throughout the building.

Exposing the roof deck of the corridor ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY265COST PER SQ FT$92.35FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio up the circulation space between classrooms, while interior finishes and lighting specifications provide comfortable scale. Strong uplighting complements downlighting to achieve better overall light quality.

Cohesiveness is achieved by tucking computer workstations between the much-needed classroom spaces. They complement traditional instruction, while allowing visual connection through pairs of classrooms.

The Mass Learning Center also serves as an auditorium and supplemental physical-education space. Acoustical treatment and careful lighting design allow for myriad activities: mass assemblies, small physical-education classes, school plays and dances, and public meetings. As well, conflicts with scheduling activities in respective high-school spaces are eliminated and the cancellation of physical-education classes for assemblies in the gymnasium does not occur.

Photographer: ©Mardan Photography