Ursinus College, New College Store

Collegeville, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM

    KSS Architects LLP


    Ursinus College

  • AREA

    5,520 sq.ft.





Ursinus College wanted to add a bookstore to its College Center that would be an exciting retail space and would remedy accessibility issues. The design solution added a two-story bookstore with a mezzanine linked to the exciting College Center with a stair/elevator lobby. It is configured to maximize retailing opportunities.

The architect placed the addition near an ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$181.00FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio restaurant and main dining hall to take advantage of student traffic in that area. Large windows in the bookstore and the layout of the lobby allow for attractive views into the bookstore from both inside and outside the building. The new lobby provides easy circulation between floor levels in a busy pedestrian area where stair access had been circuitous.

Exposed steel trusses in the bookstore and oversized windows establish a fun, industrial aesthetic. The bright colors coupled with wood furnishings create a comfortable atmosphere that attracts students and gives the 3,500-square-foot bookstore the presence of a much larger facility.

Photographer: ©Robert I. Faulkner