Solomon Schechter Day School (Memphis, Tenn.)

Memphis, Tennessee

The Solomon Schechter Day School is integrated carefully to include the school and a religious facility under one roof. With a future synagogue being built on nearby acreage, every square foot was utilized.

The school was designed to replace a much older school with no expansion capabilities. The plans and the completed building are designed to support a 50-percent ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY350COST PER SQ FT$85.27FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio capability before any new building phase would be necessary.

Being nestled in a residential area controlled many factors of the design process. Certain exterior features are used to make it specific and visible from the four-lane highway. Many windows surround the interior to promote interest from the students. Due to budgetary reasons, energy treatments are individual closet controls.

Environmental concerns became a forefront issue and a wetland investigation was conducted because of the locale. The drainage of ditches had to be rerouted to adapt to the neighborhood.

Computers and state-of-the-art technology were important in this building. The system setup was one that each classroom could use and multiple conduits were installed for expansions in the future.

Photographer: ©Ellis/Crowell Communications