Edina High School

Edina, Minnesota

Design team: Vaughn Dierks, AIA, Partner-in-Charge - Wold Architects and Engineers (Architect); Dave Rey, P.E. - Anderson-Johnson Associates, Inc. (Civil Engineer); Charles Roos, P.E. - BKBM Engineers (Structural Engineer); Chad Rettke - Kraus-Anderson Construction Company (Construction Manager)

After winning approval of a $125 million referendum in May 2015, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY2,800FEATURED IN2018 Architectural Portfolio Public Schools took a district-wide approach to create personalized and extended learning environments, update special education and media center spaces, and incorporate flexible furniture throughout all facilities. Edina High School pushed to include these goals into additions and renovations so that ninth graders could be moved from the middle schools to the high school and grade levels could be aligned with comprehensive 9-12 experience standards.
The project includes a combination of classroom and lab space as well as specialist areas and personalized learning environments to support a variety of instructional styles. The design of the media center and activity spaces for extracurriculars looks at needs across all grades. Flexible, technology-ready fixtures replace outdated and rigid educational furniture to enhance the themes of extended and personal spaces. The district, design team, and construction management team carefully coordinated the project; the work was carried out in complex phases for nearly two years so that the existing building could remain in use.