Katy ISD Education Village, Patricia E. Paetow High School and Stockdick Junior High School

Katy, Texas

  • FIRM



    Katy Independent School District

  • AREA

    814,066 sq.ft.



Design team: Guillermo Viaud, Sarah Clinton, Jose Munoz

The design process for the project began with a design charrette consisting of district officials, school administrators and additional stakeholders. The purpose was to establish the basic functional and spatial relationships of the interior program component. Meetings with administration, departmental ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY4,400FEATURED IN2018 Architectural Portfolio and representatives of career technical education took place as the project progressed, during which the floor plan was reviewed and concerns could be voiced.
The design for the high school provides new instructional areas to accommodate the impact that House Bill 5, which made substantial changes to state graduation requirements, will have on students. The facility strives to meet the need for career and technology education courses by providing additional lab space that will be incorporated without affecting the overall square footage.
The learning spaces have evolved into interactive, multifunctional area that provide a variety of learning formats. Classrooms can be combined with flex areas to create larger spaces. This permits teachers to facilitate collaborative groups for interactive activities or individual learning for other activities.