The Harry T. Stewart Senior School

Queens, New York

  • FIRM

    Ciardullo Associates


    New York City School Construction Authority

  • AREA

    47,100 sq.ft.





Associated Firms: DVL Consulting Engineers, AKRF, EME Group, Tectonic Consulting Engineers, Ostergaard Acoustical Consultants, Caso & Associates, VJ Associates

Design team: John Ciardullo, Charles Heaphy, William Riley, Georgia Stokes, Kyunghee Lee, Jean Coster, Joan Hyun, Brian Anderson, George Varthalamis

PS 92Q—Harry T. Stewart Senior School—prides ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY404COST PER SQ FT$555.00FEATURED IN2018 Architectural Portfolio on an academic environment that teaches respect for diversity and intolerance of indifference. A community-school partnership provides guidance for students to become valued members of a global society.
In an effort to provide needed seats and expand this successful school program, planners pursued an addition to the existing building at PS 92Q. The design approach was to build an addition connected with a glass link to the existing school. The link forms a new entrance lobby and commons at each floor. Situated at the junction between the existing building and the addition, the ideally positioned link becomes the school’s new entrance lobby and provides access to a revitalized play yard.
The addition and existing building are distinct structures that complement each other, give the school a density more suited for the urban neighborhood, and form a larger whole that includes all the necessary amenities for this Queens neighborhood.