Hollis T. Dietz Elementary School

Heartland, Texas

  • FIRM

    WRA Architects


    Crandall ISD

  • AREA

    73,000 sq.ft.





Design team: Jason Oswald, AIA (Project Manager); Jeffrey C Miller, AIA, LEED AP (Principal); Seth Stevens, AIA; Gio Velazquez, AIA; Juan Rosales; Garrett Hull

Situated in the planned community of Heartland in Kaufman County, Texas, Hollis T. Dietz Elementary is a new school on a new site. The building is the second new elementary school in Heartland and is also ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$220.00FEATURED IN2018 Architectural Portfolio second siting of the Crandall district’s elementary school prototype design.
The building was strategically designed with many new and flexible features to accommodate the district’s 21st-century learning methods. The exterior is clad with elements from the subdivision such as natural stone and standing seam metal roofing. In keeping with one of the district’s major design goals for the project, every classroom in the school is flooded with ample natural light. For the classrooms in interior zones, this was accomplished with skylights.
Another design goal was to create a colorful and playful interior that children and teachers find exciting and stimulating. The school also includes many sustainable design features that make it highly energy-efficient.