Longmeadow Center Elementary School

Longmeadow, Massachusetts


    Longmeadow School District

  • AREA

    81,500 sq.ft.





Situated on the historic Longmeadow Green, the K-4 elementary school consisted of two buildings separated by a public road. The children were required to cross the road for lunch and gym class. The Longmeadow Historic District Commission require that an addition could not be visible from the green nor could the front façade of the facilities ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY630COST PER SQ FT$141.00CITATIONElementary School CitationFEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio altered.

The architect`s design solution rerouted the road around the schools and manipulated the topography to provide a below grade addition uniting the two buildings. The addition, consisting of a new library/IMC, computer laboratory and connecting corridor, is not visible from the Town Green. Creative landscaping masks the masonry plaza on top of the addition that is used for group gatherings and safe, outside crossing between buildings.

The expanded school program also includes new upper classrooms, new kindergarten classrooms, art and music rooms, special needs areas and a relocated cafeteria and kitchen. All building systems were upgraded and state-of-the-art technology was incorporated. In addition, the playground area outside more than doubled in size.

Photographer: ©Steve Rosenthal

"Creative design solution to retain historic aspects of city`s Town Green."—1998 jury