Innovation Academy K-5 STEM School

Oro Valley, Arizona

  • FIRM

    Swaim Associates, Ltd.


    Amphitheater Public Schools

  • AREA

    69,000 sq.ft.





Associated Firms: Engineering & Environmental Consultants Inc, KC Mechanical, GLHN, Westland Resources, Landmark, thinkSmart, Aviar Design, Schneider Structural Engineers

The Amphitheater School District had a strong desire to construct a school designed around a STEM-focused curriculum. Six buildings form a campus with an inner courtyard presentation area. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY500COST PER SQ FT$286.00FEATURED IN2018 Architectural Portfolio are organized into three learning communities: young, middle and older. The young community learning labs are large enough to provide space for varied activities. The middle and older student communities have six learning labs and one project maker space.
Each learning lab provides multiple group or individual configurations. Outfitted with flexible furniture and built-in benches, the space may be reconfigured based on the lesson. The central breakout area provides activity kiosks that offer opportunities for individual and team learning. Each community has an outdoor lab with water harvesting and project areas.
The student commons building has music, art and tech labs, dining, scientist-of-the-day presentation area and library functions. Exterior materials were selected for performance, and colors that reflect the Sonoran Desert are used. The campus has a 150-kilowatt solar system. Solar canopies provide shade for the outdoor labs.