Olathe West High School

Olathe, Kansas

  • FIRM



    Olathe Public Schools

  • AREA

    375,000 sq.ft.





At Olathe West High School, space and technology work together to foster and enhance the learning experience. Flexibility and portability combine to create an engaging culture customized by the learner. This will enable Olathe West to adapt as technology evolves.
Olathe West has a three-story entry area called the learning commons. It connects to an open ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMHollis + Miller ArchitectsCOST PER SQ FT$200.00CITATIONSilver CitationFEATURED IN2018 Educational Interiors ShowcaseINTERIOR CATEGORYCommon Areas center, 21st-century career tech spaces with focuses such as green technology and public safety, and learning communities where students attend regular classes.
Instead of owning their own classrooms, educators work together and, as a group, own one of four neighborhoods. Each learning community consists of active learning spaces, blended learning labs, and a maker space, and the neighborhoods surround a large instruction space for collaborative group work and large lectures. With technology seamlessly integrated throughout, students can take ownership of their devices and interact with their learning in entirely new ways.
The design breaks down the scale of the school for more personalized and varied learning activities, offering learners and educators the opportunity to build deeper connections.