Pinecrest Glades Academy Charter School

Miami, Florida

  • FIRM

    Civica, LLC


    Tamiami School Property LLC

  • AREA

    66,000 sq.ft.





Design team:
Rolando Llanes, AIA (Design Principal); Julio Guillen, LEED AP (Senior Project Manager)

Pinecrest Glades Academy is a K-8 charter school situated on a 10-acre site in Miami, Fla. It is on the edge of a residential neighborhood to its south and a nature preserve to the north. The school is designed for students in kindergarten through eighth ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$151.00FEATURED IN2017 Architectural Portfolio and represents the first phase of a larger, 3,000-student K-12 campus.
The linear, three-story building is the first of a series of structures that will make up the larger campus. This building is on the northeast corner of the site and commands views toward the preserve to the north and the future campus to the west. The building’s singular form acts as an architectural bookend along the site’s eastern edge, establishing a point of departure for the future phases of the campus’ development.
The facility consists of administrative areas, a cafeteria, a kitchen, typical classrooms, labs, a media center and a series of interior and exterior stairways designed to enhance students daily experience as they make their way through the building. These program elements constitute the beginning of the academic components of the campus. Future phases of construction will include additional instructional and ancillary functions.
The building’s architectural character and massing strategy are both formal and picturesque, enabling the facility to reflect both the civic scale of its natural surroundings, and the residential scale of the adjacent community. The scale, color and detailing of the building’s form are intended to create a sense of a large vessel traveling (or marching) through the vast and open landscape.